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HN1034 HEXEN Carburetor Cleaner

Characteristics: it efficiently renews factory characteristics of carburetor without dismantling. Renews idling rotations, lighten engine start. Reduces fuel consumption and exhausts toxicity.

Application: stop engine and let it get cold. Take away air filter. Spray small quantity of means inside and from the outside of carburetor in a such way to clean all visible details, then leave it to dry. Start engine. During engine operation on half speed position please spray means directly into engine air inlet. Press a gas pedal. Stop engine. Lubricate outer surfaces and units with Hexen “Multiservice lubricant”. Install air filter back and if necessary adjust ratio of gas mixture components. After cleaning process, if it is necessary, the air filter could be replaced.

HN1060 HEXEN Fuel System Cleaner Benzin

Characteristics: concentrated cleanser with a wide range of efficiency for soft safe clearing of the whole fuel system of petrol engines from carbonaceous and sludgy deposits. Is applied for cleaning of injection systems, carburetors, whole system of fuel distribution. Eliminates a detonation and vibration. Reduces the fuel consumption (by 4-6 %) and toxicity of the exhausts.

Application: it is added in a tank directly before car refuelling. One bottle capacity is intended for 60-80 l of fuel. It is recommended to use through each 3000km.

HN1061 HEXEN Fuel System Cleaner Diesel

Characteristics: hi-tech means, it fully cleans and protects fuel system of diesel engine. Removes

carbonaceous and sludgy deposits from injection system. At regular use reduces fuel consumption by 4-6 %. Is compatible with catalyzation systems.

Application: it is added into tank directly before vehicle refuelling. One bottle capacity is intended for 60-80 l of fuel. It is recommended to use through each 3000 km or more often if a poor quality fuel is used.

HN1100 HEXEN Starting Fluid

Characteristics: highly-effective liquid is purposed for quick starting of every engine type: gasoline, diesel, four- and two-stroke, rotary. When using the product, exceptionally easy start of engine is achieved even under low temperature, high humidity, wet spark plugs, with run down battery or under usage of low-quality fuel. It contains lubricating additives, which reduce starting wearing of engine and avoids appearance of micro scores during start at cold temperatures. It makes starting in winter easier, guaranties complete combustion of fuel, and prolongs service life of battery.

Application: shake up the bottle. For gasoline engine starting it is necessary to spray the contents directly to the body of air filter or into intake manifold before the engine starting. For diesel engine starting it is necessary to turn off glow plugs and heated flanges, open throttle completely, spray contents into intake manifold and start the engine.


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