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Reliability – it is a very important characteristic of the driving belts HEXEN. It is attained thanks to permanent quality control at all stages of production. HEXEN uses only raw materials with high indexes, which are additionally supervised before the admission to manufacture.

At each production stage there are applied the considerable quantity of control procedures that provides a high and constant degree of ready belts quality. Properties of belts are carefully investigated at stands and on engines, where repeated tests of different duration and with different loading are carried out.

Owing to the application of high wear-proof chloroprene rubber blend in a combination with reinforced low-extensible cord in belts the extremely small stretching and big margin of power is reached.

It assures their application in compound drives at extreme loadings and high speeds with use of pulleys of small diameter.

Advantages of belts HEXEN:

* high safety in operation

* minimum stretching

* long life cycle

* high wear-proof

* smooth running

* absence of slip

* small vibration and low level of noise

* high stability to oils and temperatures

New technologies

Also HEXEN represents a new line of belts of improved design НТ (High Tech), made according to advanced technology EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer). EPDM – is the synthetic rubber, which for today has very wide field of application and it is approved by leading experts of the world as a top-quality material.

During the HEXEN belts production the rubber granulates are exposed to repeated treatment, which allows to guarantee high durability of material. Thanks to the peculiarities of manufacturing technology the EPDM-rubber is applied in a wide range of temperatures. Even at use in extremely hot conditions, EPDM granules do not flare up.

Leading motor-car manufacturers of the world prefer such structure of belt (EPDM) as it is designed for optimal operation on modern vehicles and is comparable on quality with OE-complete set belts.


Advantages of driving belts HEXEN

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