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Products, offered by HEXEN Automotive Systems company, make up wide assortment of high-class filters for the automotive industry, industrial machines and equipment.

The confirmation of produced filters advantages was fact that they won the recognition of the leading car manufacturers. For present time filters are installed to many car models as regular equipment or are offered by maintenance stations as authorized spare parts.

Filters production process is controlled by quality management system, which corresponds to international norms ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001. It gives to our customers guarantee of our products high quality, and to us pleasure from satisfaction of our customers demands.

Air filters are designed for cleaning of the air that goes into engine. Owing to the application of modern filtering materials and progress in filters designing, air filters reach filtration efficiency up to level 99,9%.

Air filters can trap big particles: mineral dust, soot and organic pieces as well as small size particles not more than several microns. For proper work of internal combustion engine it needs 10 m3 of cleaned air for 1 liter of combusted fuel.

To provide such air consumption together with high filtration efficiency, filters should possess low resistance to air flow, and also high absorbing ability in relation to pollution.

Air filters have various shape and the sizes, are made of different materials in order to provide optimal engine work conditions.

Filtration material Round air filters Panel type air filters Reinforced construction filters With pre-filters Made by the injection method Air filters for commercial vehicles


Air Filters

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