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PRIME +30%

Automobile lamps that give on 30 % of more light than common halogen lamps. Possessing the increased luminous flux these lamps are comparable at price with standard lamps. Thus lamps provide the most optimal ratio “price/quality”.

High efficiency is achieved at the expense of the filament’s temperature increasing. And speeded up burning out of the filament is eliminated due to gas mixture of special formula application inside bulbs.

HEXEN PRIME +30% combine the most advanced technologies of lightening industry and quality that meet all requirements of auto manufacturers. Lamps with enhanced luminous flux give sufficient advantages to aged drivers and drivers with weak eyesight.


Automobile lamps of the improved visual comfort giving on 30 % of more light. The blue covering of bulb creates white-blue light, which is similar to light of the xenon lamps. Bright white-blue light of lamps raises reflection power of road signs and road markings in a night-time. Light of headlights with these lamps is as much as possible similar to daylight and is less tiring for eyes, such light assists to concentration of driver’s attention. A burdensome night trip becomes pleasure as the driver receives visual comfort and possibility to foresee all changes of a road situation.

HEXEN SUPER BLUE+30 % do not break thermal balance inside headlight in contrast to deflectors (color plastic caps). The maximum light flux as compared with common lamps is provided due to application of quartz glass. It completely eliminates possibility of refraction and light of other tints going out, caused by reflection on external surface of bulb.


Automobile lamps giving on 30 % of more light with yellow tint. In comparison with standard lamps provide better visual comfort for oncoming traffic drivers and improve concentration of driver’s attention on safe zone – allow to see contours of the objects more contrast. ALL WEATHER+30% are sufficiently effective under bad weather: fog, rain, snowfall. During such weather the drops of moisture, which are hanging in air, form spacious luminescence when lighted by headlight’s rays. On the background of such luminescence it is very hard for driver to recognize surrounding objects. In combination with shorted length of headlight’s rays it reduces visibility. Owing to other length of wave and luminous flux of yellow color the HEXEN ALL WEATHER+30% breaks through a water suspension in atmosphere as opposed to lamps with white light. The is why the effect of “white screen” before car reduces. The constructive peculiarity of all-weather lamps HEXEN is the increased on 30% luminous efficacy and especial multi-layer covering of bulb with yellow-violet tint. It is recommended to install to vehicles, which are exploited frequently during night-time, especially in regions with humid climate.


Automobile lamps with on 50% luminous flux more than standards lamps have. Due to focused bright white light it makes a good lighted area at a distance of 50-75 meters. The light beam length increases on 10-15 meters as compared with standard lamps. It is achieved at the expenses of special formula gas blend application inside bulb.

The combination of the vision range increasing and accurate distribution of a light flux provide the drivers with the receiving of necessary information about road situation in time, i.e. to notice obstacle and take corresponding measures in advance. HEXEN SUPER VISION+50% are also recommended to owners of old cars, where the optics lost an initial transparency of glass and shine of a reflector.


Automobile lamps of new generation with improved visual comfort, giving on 50% light more than standards halogen lamps. With aim of visibility perfection there is applied technology SuperLight, which combines vision range increasing and accurate distribution of a light flux with blue-yellow tint raising contrast on the visible part of road.

At the expense of special multi-layer cover of the quartz glass the lighted area of road is increased, the obstacles, road signs and marking are seen better. The excellent visibility of road situation under any weather enables driver to get rid of excessive stress during driving, which tires too much in conditions of present-day intensive road traffic.

As well HEXEN offers wide choice of indicating lamps and lamps of additional light. Thanks to the application of special technology for tungsten filament’s manufacturing succeeded to obtain slowdown of tungsten evaporation that allows to increase life time of the lamps in two times. Such parameters fully satisfy quality international requirements, what EU certification testifies.


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