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Types of brake pads

At the manufacturing of HEXEN brake pads and shoes there is realized friction compound optimization for specific vehicles types taking into account speed abilities, unladen mass and other peculiarities.

Brake pads are made by hot-pressing method. Pressing modes can be various, depending on polymeric binding, which is used in the receipt compositions. Whole production could be divided into five stages:

1. All components preparation for making of polymeric composition.

There is accomplished inspection, dosage and pounding of used raw materials as well as obligatory drying.

2. Preparation of polymeric composition blend.

As a matrix there are took special resins in the form of powder, melt or solution. In connection with it there distinguishes three kinds of blending: dry, hot and liquid.

3. Preparation of polymeric composition for pressing.

It depends on prepared composition, i.e. which polymeric matrix is sued in receipt. Here are possible preliminary heating with aim of pressuring quality improving and drying of composition for dissolvent removing.

4. Pressuring of ready products.

At this point the pressuring mode is set: temperature, pressure, time of keeping under pressure, and if necessary also quantity of premoldings and time of staying without pressure.

5. Thermal treating, marking and packing.

The thermal heating is necessary to relieve the internal stress, originated in product as result of temperature pattern and outer load impact.


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