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HN1030 HEXEN Textile cleaner (multifunction foam cleaner)

Characteristics: effective foam means for removing of different soiling and stains from passenger compartment upholstery, velour’s, cloth, carpets, nonwoven and vinyl surfaces, leatherette, fake-fur, etc.

One bottle is intended for treatment of surface about 300 – 400 dm2. It is neutral regarding to rubber, lacquer and plastic. Indispensable in private life.

Application: to vacuum carefully treated surface. Thoroughly shake up the bottle capacity and spray the foam cleaner at the soiling place. Leave for some time. Hard stains should be brushed up. Then it is necessary to vacuum treated surface repeatedly.

HN1033 HEXEN Air Conditioner Cleaner

Characteristics: foam cleaner, developed on the basis of the newest chemical formula, which contains special element of antiproton level, purposed for cleaning of air ducts of conditioner. Due to excellent cleaning properties, it removes mould, fungus and bacteria, counteracts bad smell. It has a perfect strengthened effect of greasy dirt removal, which appears because of temperature fluctuations, long-term work of conditioner, moisture and oxidation. It reduces wearing of compressor and servicing parts of conditioner, supports excellent conditioning, improves cooling effect, decreases expenses of servicing and increases operating life of conditioner. Its content is not flammable or explosive.

Application: in automobile: stop the engine. Shake the bottle and insert a pipe into a central venting hole. Spray it during 10 seconds. Take out the pipe and wait for 10 minutes, while foam will settle down and come out from the conditioning system (if there will be dirt output liquid, repeat the process until the output liquid will become pure). Run the engine and turn on conditioning system for maximum power for 2-3 minutes. In household use: turn off a conditioner. Take out removable panel of evaporator and spray the content to radiator. Foam will remove dirt, mould and will flow to the tray for condensate. Put back removable and ventilating panel and start the conditioner to dry the system. It is necessary to clean the outer radiator of conditioner from foam.

HN1035 HEXEN Anti Mist

Characteristics: special effective combination of solvents with antifogging properties. Effectively removes water condensate and prevents misting of windscreen and mirrors, glasses, house windows and bathroom mirrors. It doesn’t allow moisture adsorbing on the surface of glass, providing perfect visibility, comfort and safety of traffic.

Application: previously dry up the surface. Thoroughly shake up the bottle. Apply the contents on the soft cloth and rub to the treating surface. Let it dry till appearance of mat film on the surface. Wipe out residues by another soft clean cloth and burnish.

HN1042 HEXEN Dashboard care

Characteristics: dashboard Cleaning and Protection quickly cleans refreshes and protects dashboard and trim made of vinyl, plastic, leather, rubber and wood. Restores structure, protects from fading, ageing and cracking.

Application: put a thin even layer of means on the treated surface and spread it over with help of fibreless napkins. If necessary put repeatedly.


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