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The main purpose of the camshaft belt is to provide proper distribution of rotation between camshaft and crankshaft. The camshaft drives valves, while the pistons bring into action crankshaft by means of levels. This principle provides synchronous motion of camshaft and crankshaft with proportionally constant speed of rotation. In addition camshaft belt can bring into action balance shaft, water and injector pumps. Camshaft belts HEXEN are applicable at heavy loadings, and also for long-term operation with optimal transfer of power. It is reached at the expense of special construction and profile of belt.

The installation of camshaft belts HEXEN guarantees: the transfer of power without slippage, high endurance, resistance to aggressive environment, stability to temperature difference.


1 – The rubber component is load element of belt, which forms it`s profile. The cogs of belts could be round and could have shape of trapezium. The cords are aligned at fixed angle with direction of belts rotation, providing high degree of mobility in longitudinal direction and at same time having high degree rigidity in cross direction. The rubber component possesses good wear, oil and greases resistance, etc.

2 – Cord is the main element that transfers load to shaft. As a cord there are used threads made of fiberglass, which is characterized by high strength and prevents stretching of belt. For durability increasing and prevention of belts twisting on the pulley of camshaft the fiberglass threads are put S- and Z-shaped. It is most important as the pulley of camshaft has no welt in contrast to other pulleys.

3 – The external layer of cogs consists of fabric, woven from synthetic threads, which impregnated with rubber. This fabric raises rigidity of cogs and protects them from deterioration.


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