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The belts of equal to “original” quality HEXEN Agro for agricultural equipment meet the present-day high requirements and assure reliability under any work conditions. Owing to the advanced technical peculiarities of production and application of top-grade materials HEXEN Agro are designed for agricultural drives, which operate the year round. Such belts work in direct sunlight and are permanently exposed to impact of dust, dirt, stones and other things that could hit to drive. In consideration of severe working conditions of drives in agricultural technique it is necessary to use only belts HEXEN, which correspond to technical parameters and assures no-failure operation under heavy-load conditions.

Belts of present series are reinforced. They consist of flexible wear proof materials with application of elastic aramid cord, which guarantees reliable exploitation of drive with improved softness of running and ability of high-power transfer. And elevated adhesion of the material provides good engagement and eliminates belt slip. All described characteristics together with application of a special chemical treatment of the material provide prolonged operation life of agricultural belts HEXEN Agro.


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