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New wiper blades HEXEN HYBRID are designed to work under all weather conditions, have advanced design and combines excellent quality of glass cleaning by framed wipers and the aerodynamic effect of frameless wiper. Construction feature of HEXEN HYBRID is combination of classical frame (with the rocker arms and joints, due to which the wiper precisely follows the geometry of the window glass, so perfectly cleaning it) and plastic cover – spoiler, needed for extra protection against dust and moisture, giving additional downforce and reduce lifting. The special compound of rubber and Teflon coating of the cleaning blade provide soft and more effective cleaning, allowing the wipers to remain flexible at low temperatures and ensure service life at least one million cycles. Advantages of HEXEN HYBRID wipers:

- essentially new design, providing excellent quality of windshield cleaning

- solid frame of high quality materials

- new rubber compound, prolonging the life of the wiper

- the ease and simple installation

- modern, stylish design

- great visibility, high level of comfort and safety when driving


Standard Extreme PRIME and AERODYNAMIC LKW Advance


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