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Also HEXEN represents a series of industrial and conveyor belts of different types made of polyvinylchloride and polyurethane that applied in industry and sphere of consumer services. Owing to the advanced technology of production there is realizing delivery to big base of customers, who evaluated reliable work and wear resistance of HEXEN conveyer belts.

Such belts differ on thickness, profile, color of surface, field of application. Belts HEXEN, applied for food industry are tested and approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). For such belts production is used polyurethane resin, which does not evolve toxins, and it`s structure contains antimicrobial agents.

Depending of the width of rolls the belts, produced by HEXEN, have different dimensions in accordance with customer’s requirements. The belts HEXEN, which are made of polyvinylchloride (PVC), have wider area of application in mineral resource industry, agricultural, textile and others industries. Such belts differ on the profile of upper surface and grade of finish.


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