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HN1050 HEXEN Power Steering Leak Stop

Characteristics: highly active additive designed to eliminate fluid leakage in power steering and actuating mechanism of steering. Compatible with all kinds of fluids for power steering with any construction. Designed to use in all kinds of passenger cars. For trucks it is necessary to use two bottles and refer to automanufacturers recommendations.

Application: when engine is stopped add to power steering tank.

HN4001 / HN4002 HEXEN Multiservice lubricant

Characteristics: possesses high penetration and lubrication capability. It quickly dissolves rust, scale, corrosion and other oxide compounds, assisting to dismantling of tight-fitting subassemblies and joint units with small gap. Displaces and binds moisture from high-voltage elements of ignition system, removes dirt from surface micro-cracks. It is applied for protection against corrosions and lubrication. Could be used as auxiliary means during repairing. Does not contain silicone.

Application: shake up the bottle before use. Spray abundantly over treated surface, leave for several minutes. If it is necessary to release heavily jammed and rusted fastening joints and subassembly please repeat actions once more.

HN1085 / HN1085 HEXEN Silicone Lubricant Spray

Characteristics: the product is purposed for lubricating of plastic, rubber, metal, glass and other surfaces. It extends life time of rubber compressors. It envelopes and penetrates in processed surfaces, prevents scratch, freezing and adhesion at low temperatures. It prevents appearance of jamming in locks, doors and windows. It creates integral polymeric coating of silicone molecules on processed surface, imparting excellent water-repellent and antistatic properties to surface. It protects surface from dirt and corrosion, has excellent adhesion to metals, plastic, rubber, wood, vinyl, glass and other materials. It penetrates in little holes, doesn't leave spots and downflows. It is not toxic, without smell.

Application: thoroughly shake up the bottle before application. Spray carefully on surface at the distance of 15-20 cm. Ingredients: silicone oil, solvent, antiseptics.


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