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Innovative technologies of HEXEN automobile lamps production were developed taking into account present-day requirement of world motor industry. Improvement of lighting efficiency, durability, safety and comfort during driving – here are primary targets persecuted by company`s lightening engineers.

All production stages as well as suppliers of the components and raw materials are approved for conformity with international requirements of ISO 9001 standards system.

The assortment of HEXEN lamps consists of may products lines: headlight lamps, halogen lamps, lamps for turn indicators anв stop-signals, auxiliary and double-ended lamps, baseless lamps, lamps with plastic bases, lamps of American type, small halogen lamps, lamps for dashboard and switches lighting, LED lamps, gas-discharge xenon lamps.

Uncompromising products quality is provided by the perfection of production process. At the manufacturing there are successfully applied computer control of the processes and robotization of the operations on air pumping out, dosage and filament positioning. During production lamps are exposed to multilevel quality control. Each lamp passes more than 20 tests and checks on airtightness, strength, accuracy of manufacturing, etc. .

The special processing methods used at HEXEN lamps manufacturing prevent their failure because of shock and vibrating loadings and raise economy. Special formula of gas blend-filler and high-technology manufacturing of the filament provide stable power during whole long service life of HEXEN lamps.


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