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Types of brake pads

Brake pads HEXEN were approved by Economic Commission for Europe for products compliance with the unified all-European standard ECE R-90. Present code of practise describes safety regulations applicable for brakes. One of the clauses states that brake pads should totally correspond to original ones, which were installed by auto manufacturer. Marking R-90 at HEXEN products attests that You receive exact equivalent of original brake pads, and at most even exceed it.

Before the mark of conformity (90R) there is pointed out country, where certification was lead. For example, E1-Germany, E2-France, E3-Italy, E11-Great Britain. Brake pads HEXEN are thoroughly tested in the certified laboratories of the international independent test centers TUV (Germany) for compliance with international certificates. HEXEN products have complete set of certified enabling documentation on production and sale that guarantees to the driver calmness and security during driving.


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Marking of the brake pads


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