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Types of brake pads

TThe brake pads consist on two parts: steel backing plate and friction material, which is made of polymeric composition. The composition recipe consists, on the average, of 10 components. The multicomponent composition of HEXEN friction materials provides reliable work at fluctuations of temperature under conditions of high moistness and mechanical loadings. The fiberfill, by which the composition is reinforced, gives high mechanical strength and frictional properties.

The adjustment of friction characteristics is provided with adding into composition of dispersed extenders such as aluminum oxide, graphite, metallic sulphides. Moreover the graphite reduces brake pad deterioration and affects on its thermal conductivity. The metallic fibers and dispersive metallic extenders also have effect on thermal conductivity – they remove heat from friction surfaces protecting it from local overheating during braking.

Other extenders, for example elastomers, guarantee stable brake pads work under mutual impact of temperature and mechanical loading during braking. And the polymeric matrix provides the monolithic character of composition and combines all components into one.

Brake pads and shoe HEXEN are made of non-asbestos friction compounds.


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