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PRIME and AERODYNAMIC – series of soft windshield wipers of original quality with prolonged life time. These wipers are designed for installation to present day vehicles taking into account highest quality of windshield cleaning and improved aerodynamic. Soft wiper blades have unique construction, which has not traditional metal holder with leverage. The wiper has two flat elastic rods made of spring steel, between which are clutched cleaning blade from one side and rubber profile-spoiler from other side.

Such decision assisted to decrease aerodynamic noise and wipers` tendency to rise above windscreen at high speeds. Absence of levers and joints in present construction eliminates one more trouble – their icing up, during which joints loss mobility. Lost mobility of joints causes worsening of windshield cleaning quality. For even pressuring of cleaning blade to windshield of any shape the elastic rods are made bent. That is why in free state wipers have shape of arc.

Not less important is smaller height of windshield wiper, which helps to solve problem of windage and creates better visibility as compared with classic windshield wipers.

The main advantage of windshield wipers of PRIME and AERODYNAMIC series is more balanced pressure distribution in comparison with hinged-lever wipers.


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