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Recommendations on windshield wipers replacement

It is recommended to make replacement of wiper blades not less often than once a year. Because during exploitation, owing to wear process, quality of wipers worsens. The factor of influence on quality changes is the various environment of wiper blades operation, as well as change of temperatures, acid impact. Therefore it is better to replace them periodically.

If to watch closely a condition of wiper blades then there will be assured good visibility even under most severe weather conditions.

It is not hard to replace windshield wipers. Replacement does not require special technical skills and is easy to everyone.

The signs of necessity of wiper blades replacement

On windshield there are narrow horizontal not cleaned passes, which make visibility worse.

Reason: the outside article got into wipers rubber; the wiper blade wear is too high; rubbers deformation; defect of wiper`s levers.

Elimination: first of all please clean the rubber edge. If passes appears again, it is necessary to replace windshield wiper.

The windshield wiper work irregularly with

great noise.

Reason: the wiper blade moves along the surface of windshield not regularly with noise and jerkily; the rubber solidification; deterioration of wiper blades construction elements.

Elimination: please clean windshield and check the tilt angle of rubber in run position. If irregularity is not eliminated then please replace windshield wiper.

The windshield wiper leaves big not cleaned spots.

Reason: rubbers deformation; the wiper blade jumps under high speeds

Elimination: please replace windshield wiper of it`s arm.

The rubbers fit to windshield not evenly and leave

big not cleaned parts.

Reason: deformation of wiper arm; loosened rivets.

Elimination: please replace windshield wiper of it`s arm.


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Recommendations on replacement


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