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Lamps HEXEN provide "active" safety for prevention of accidents by force of overall vision improvement and better lighting. It enables drives to see better and be better visible on more long distance, thereby to avoid potential accidents. Combining with passive safety elements of the car, lamps HEXEN enhance driver’s confidence on road and provide more safe driving.

All halogen lamps HEXEN for headlights are produced according to UV STOP versions (limited ultraviolet). It is of great importance if lamps are sued for headlights with plastic diffuser, because aging of plastic (“yellowing”, transparency reduction) depends on the influence of ultra-violet. Automobile lamps HEXEN are made of special glass, which limits UV components of emission, in order to provide perfect safety of driving in bad weather and during night-time.

Since 2001 at the territory of EU countries there come into force instructions RoHS and WEEE forbidding use of lead and other ecologically dangerous elements during production of electronics. In automobile lamps HEXEN there are applied nonleaded alloys, which completely correspond to ecological norms of EU and guarantee quiet and safe use.


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