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The important factor during spark plugs choice is thermal range of their operation. Spark plugs, which during operation heat up not enough or vice versa, too much, can cause faults in engine work.

With aim of heat emission optimization HEXEN applies the most different material for central electrodes. Especial copper-nickel alloys in combination with copper core are excel in high heat conductivity and good corrosion resistance. More high heat conductivity has platinum and iridium and also they have optimal burning stability, in that way increasing spark plugs durability in several times. The geometry of electrode is not less important. It affects on fuel delivery, wear of electrodes, heat abstraction and ignition voltage. Numerous variants of electrodes are offered depending on necessary operating mode of spark formation. For example, short air spark, sliding, combined air-sliding.

The shortest distance between central and side electrodes is called gap, which the spark plug should pass. In each separate case the optimal gap is pointed out depending on engine. The maximum accuracy for gap choice is very important. That is why the gap, which is not installed in proper way, sufficiently makes worse the spark plug work capacity and thus engine efficiency.

If the gap is small, the misfires of ignition system happen, it causes not stably work of engine and exhausts indexes become sharply worse. If the gap is big, there appears need in more high voltage of spark formation that leads to ignition system misfires. Spark plugs with several electrodes, which are fixed with different gaps, have no need in adjustment.

Two most important factors such as spark gap and spark location affect on spark plug work inside the combustion chamber. As to spark gap, there distinguish an air spark interval – the shortest way, which passes the spark from side up to central electrode in order to ignite combustible mixture inside the combustion chamber, and the line of spark sliding – distance, which the spark passes during slipping on the insulator tip (at the same time it burns out resulting scale) till the moment of touch with side electrode.

According to location of spark gap the location of spark is determined.

It is always necessary to apply spark plugs, recommended for specific engines. The reduction of power and frequent engines failure as well as breakage of catalyst will appear as Inescapable consequences if there are chosen spark plugs with wrong heat rating, gap and thread length. (The concept “heat rating” determines ability for taking upon itself and bear high thermal load.

The heat rating points out which volume of accepted by spark plug heat can be given to the head of block. If this value is more than necessary for present engine type, then spark plug will over heat that leads to so-called “surface ignition”, at which the working mixture inside the cylinder will ignite not only from ignition spark, but also from overheat spark plug. If heat rating is too small, there will be not enough spark plug temperature for it`s self cleaning at slow rotations. The result will be failures in ignition system work, raised consumption of working mixture, increasing emission.)

- “hot” spark plugs have long insulator nose, making more long distance for heat passing as well as big surface for heat absorbing.

- “cold” spark plugs have much shorter insulator nose and smaller surface of heat absorbing, and direct the heat to the cylinder head much faster.

Generally speaking “cold” spark plugs are perfect for long distances, high speeds and severe driving, because under mentioned conditions engine generates much heat, which should be quickly dispersed in order to prevent early ignition. However, for short distances and traffic jam conditions “cold” spark plug warms up not enough for resistance to dirtying. So for short distances and traffic jam conditions “hotter” spark plug is better. The correct value of heat range is fixed by engines manufacturers.

HEXEN spark plugs perfectly work under any conditions, be it driving in urban traffic or motor high-way, hard frost or hot weather. However even best products subjected to wear. That is why car manufacturers point out definite terms for spark plugs replacement.


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