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Spark plug with one side electrode

Spark plugs with copper central electrode and one side electrode are the most simple and widespread.

The spark plugs central electrode includes extra heat-conducting copper rod in wearproof chrome – nickel housing. This allows to optimize temperature balance of the spark plugs operating parts and protect against from heat overloading, in a such way the prolonged operation under different working conditions is guaranteed.

HEXEN spark plugs provide efficient ignition with fuel economy at same time reducing the automobiles exhaust harmful effects on environment.

Alternatively, in accordance with present catalogue recommendations on application, there is possible installation of the spark plugs with V-groove side electrode, which provides more reliable ignition and reduction of the harmful exhausts.

Spark plugs with V-groove side electrode.

The constructional peculiarity of the spark plugs with V-groove side electrode is that closed spark gap becomes opened, that provides reducing of the damping effect and improves ignition by means of better distribution of the fuel-air blend. At same time the developing of the flame front occurs more intensive as multi-electrode spark plugs have. Moreover, the spark is more “ longer “ – it goes cornerwise from central electrode up to “halves’. In a such way, the reliability of ignition raises. Especially in present-day engines, where is used highly depleted fuel blend with aim of harmful exhausts reduction. Present spark plug design guarantees perfectly reliable blend ignition, brings to the fuel consumption economy and exhaust reduction.

Spark plugs with several side electrodes.

The use of the spark plugs with two or three side electrodes allows opening of the spark discharger in the line of combustion chamber. It makes the flame front distribution easier during first phases of combustion and raises quality of the working mixture ignition.

The possibility of the spark disruption in several places increases engine work efficiency and reduces fuel consumption. The central electrode is made of copper that allows to optimize the length of insulator tip and improve thermal characteristics. The application of several side electrodes prolongs period of the spark place replacement up to 60, 000 km. The stable distance between electrodes and thermal characteristics during long exploitation period allow to apply spark plugs of present type in a majority vehicles providing improved effective power, reliability and durability.

Platinum spark plugs

The distinctive feature of spark plugs HEXEN DOUBLE PLATINUM is in platinum central electrode and in platinum side electrode, which provide maximum acceleration, efficient engine power, combustion and spark voltage.

The platinum allows to make central electrode very thin. Owning to this, the value of necessary ignition voltage decreases, consequently the reliability of ignition increases even under most severe exploitation conditions.

Excellent combustion ability means decreasing of the misses of ignition and increasing of the engine effective power. Perfect ignition ability of the central electrode allows to improve engines characteristics and reduce fuel consumption up to 5% as compared with standard spark plugs.

Application of the platinum spark plugs assures greatly prolonged exploitation period as far as 100 000 km.

Long exploitation period and durability allows to make intervals between maintenance longer and help to save time for car care.

Iridium spark plugs

HEXEN IRIDIUM spark plugs provide stronger spark and better ignition characteristics. Application of iridium alloy allows to make spark plugs exclusively durable, wear proof and enduring the most severe exploitation conditions. Use of the low voltage and high ignition ability provide more perfect fuel combustion and reduction of the misses of ignition, and also improves engines effective power.

A thin central electrode excellently reacts upon acceleration, high dynamics and misfires number lowering.

Excellent ignition ability of the central electrode allows to improve engine characteristics and reduce fuel consumption up to 5% as compared with standard spark plugs.

Application of iridium assures prolonged life time as far as 100 000 km in a such way allowing to make intervals between maintenance longer and help to save time for car care.

Spark plugs for 2- and 4-stroke engines

Spark plugs are specially developed for small 2- and 4-stroke engines that are used in motor bikes, motorcycles and in lawn-mowers, saws and other garden equipment as well. Spark plugs are characterized by excellent efficiency at often drop of engines rotations that is typical during exploitation of such equipment. Spark plugs possess excellent self-purification and do not become dirty with deposits. Owing to the application of new high-strength materials there is provided excellent stability to vibration.

Constructional peculiarities and done tests under all operational conditions provide reliable work of spark plugs under maximum loadings and at temperature drops.


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