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Trade mark HEXEN offers wide assortment of the high quality windshield wipers with perfect fulfillment and highest safety level. Assortment includes traditional and soft windshield wipers, windshield wipers for cars, trucks and busses.

STANDARD it is a well known windshield wipers series of traditional assembling with increased rigidity of construction, which prevents deterioration of connected elements, and reliable fastening of rubber element that allows during operation exactly follow the windshield shape.

The unique painting technology builds up firm protection against corrosion.

For good cleaning the unit pressure of cleaning belt on windshield should makes up 13-16 g/cm.

The holder of windshield wiper arm creates pressuring force in one point. It is upper point. With purpose of equal pressure distribution at full length of cleaning element there were designed mechanisms with system of levers, which divide pressuring force and direct it by parts to the working blade.

As so to have even cleaning over the entire surface, the windscreen wiper in on-position should touch with windscreen at acute angle of 35-500 degree.

During selection of windshield wipers of traditional assembling please pay attention to the wiper blade elements rigidity. In operational status windshield wiper is load tested. Only windshield wiper, which is made of high-tensile steel and which has not gaps in joint, can withstand such load.



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