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Types of brake pads

HEXEN offers wide assortment (over 1000 items) of high quality brake pads and brake shoes for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

The main and critical goal that is persecuted by HEXEN is to assure perfect quality and safe products exploitation. Therefore raw material and components are supplied by approved qualified manufacturers. Brake pads and shoe of trade mark HEXEN are liable to permanent rigid control during all production stages starting with raw materials purchasing till the packing of ready goods.

R&D Centers, which are the part of company, all the time working on the friction materials perfection. For the confirmation of brake pads quality level they are exposed to repeated tests. The most responsible among all are testing of friction material durability, gluing to the base and checking for thermal loading. The complex laboratory investigations covers such parameters as:

- constant of friction

- shock resistance

- friction material stability on compression

- hardness

- thickness expansion under temperature effect

- braking efficiency

Brake pads and shoes are tested in different road conditions under any weather.

Brake pads HEXEN have high friction index, which provides optimal braking at same time brake pads keep required braking efficiency during friction material heating from 300° С up to 650° С.

Brake pads keep friction abilities under any road and weather conditions, are noiseless during operation and possessive high resistance against corrosion. Additional saw cuts on the brake pads working surface improve brake pads cooling and assist to wear products removing that guarantees even deterioration of discs and brake pads under any loadings.

All production stages of brake pads HEXEN correspond to international standards ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949 (management systems certification of automotive industry suppliers).


Types of brake pads

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