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V-belts and poly-V-belts provide reliable smooth power transfer in passenger cars, trucks and commercial vehicles to accessory drivers.

Function and properties:

Serve to put in action additional units such as generator, water pump, hydraulic booster, air conditioner.


The main properties of V-belts HEXEN are their minimal stretching and possibility to apply in high-speed drivers for transfer of especially high power.

And having excellent indexes of smooth running, belts HEXEN are recommended to use for drivers of generators, water pumps and air compressors. Have being used during many years as reliable transmission facilities in accessory gear drives of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Poly-V-belts HEXEN provide optimal smooth vibration-free transfer of power in engine accessory drives in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. They are thinner and wider than corresponding V-belts. Poly-V-belts consist of several lengthwise directed wedge ribs, which lie on corresponding profiled wedge-ribbed pulley. Poly-V-belts are created particularly for complex driving gears. On the one hand they provide using of high belt speeds at lower working temperatures than V-belts, on the other hand it is possible to use surface of belt and pulley of smaller diameters. Poly-V-belts have longer endurance than V-belts. The loading is distributed over whole width of belt, as result the belt is able to damp abrupt changes of loading more efficiently and stable.

The special properties of poly-V-belts HEXEN are: minimal sliding, high transmission ratio, low noise level, absence of vibration during operation.


1 – The rubber compound is a base element of belt and at same time it forms V-shape. The fibers, enclosed into rubber compound, are located across a trajectory of belt running. It increases the rigidity of the belt`s cross-section, which passes necessary contact pressure to a pulley. At same time a high flexibility along the direction of belts running is provided.

2 – As a covering material for rubber compound the fabric, made of synthetic fibre, is used. Poly-V-belts have rubber layer reinforced with fiber. It strengthens belts with additional stability and wear resistance. The covering fabric protects belt against cracks and breakings on the surface.

3 – The cord inside the belt is responsible for power transfer between pulleys. It consists of a synthetic fiber – polyester. The cord has a big strength and stability of shape that is necessary for achievement of a steady belt tension.

4 – The cord is covered by a rubber special mixture. This elastic covering protects cord from shocks and at same time joins different layers of a fabric, cords and rubber compounds in order to make strong entire joint.


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V-belts and Poly-V belts

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