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A filtration efficiency of the regular filters depends on porosity of filtering material they are made of.

The lower porosity the better filtration capacity of the element is.

Just it is the problem of high resistance to air flow.

Owing to the better element configuration and to unique production method of the filtering elements, which is based on the adaptation of many times impregnated layers of cotton cloth placed between two nettings from aluminum wire, the filter of zero resistance passes air minimum 50% more, than regular filters, without filtration capacity reduction.

Such construction allows engine to “inhale” as much air as it is necessary for optimal fuel combustion.

The particles of dirt, which are trapped on the filtering elements surface, practically have no negative influence on an air flow passing through filtering element

As they become a part filtering element, air should pass at first dust particles, which stop more big contaminations.

This particular feature allows filter to stop more dust.

The unique ability of zero resistance filters is the possibility of their multiuse.

Filtering element could be washed and cleaned up to 25 times.

After active car exploitation it is recommended to check filter each 3 months.

Zero resistance air filters are designed to supply big volume of air, practically limitless air volume at high filtration level that has critical importance for engines service life prolongation.

It is necessary to impregnate zero resistance air filter with special oil before it`s installation.


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